• Dr. Zarrin Azadi - International Seminar Speaker & Exceptional Life Coach

    Dr. Zarrin Azadi is well known for her deep understanding of fundamental
    concept of psychology and spirituality. In 2005 she has been chosen by S.G.K
    Foundation as a most inspirational Cancer survivor who has made a difference
    in people's life. She ia a 4 times cancer survivior.
    Dr Azadi has her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology
    and her expertise in clinical Cognitive Hypnotherapy, life &business Coaching..
    She is the Master practitioner of Hypnotherapy. In the last 24 years she has
    conducted over1000 experiential and interactive seminars that focus on Self-
    Improvement, communication, management and organizational skills . since her
    cancer survival she has presented numerous seminars for Cancer & MS patients
    all over the world. Dr. Azadi is the CEO of Shining Soul Institute, a none
    profit organization that provides a multi-disciplinary environment,
    psychological, emotional support and guidance to the multicultural
    population. She is the founder of International Cancer Society .
    and co founder of Completion International Academy.
    Dr Azadi hosts a live TV show.
    • Certified in Brief Therapy
    • Certified in Industrial Psychology
    • Certified in Biofeedback Training
    • Certified in Art & Play Therapy
    • Certified in clinical Cognitive Hypnotherapy
    • Certified in EMDR
    • Certified in counseling victims of sexual Trauma
    • Certified in Art therapy & Dream analysis
    • Certified in Life & Business Coaching
    • Certified by International Hypnosis Instructors
    • Certified by National Guild of Hypnotist

    • California Psychological association
    • Royle Institute of psychotherapy & Hypnosis
    • American Hypnotherapy Organization
    • International Network of clinical Hypnosis
    • American Association of Hypnotherapy
    • National Guild of Hypnotist
    • American Board of Hypnotherapy
    • The Mindcare Organization
    • IAVA Visual Art
    • She is the past elected board member of medical Alliance (1999- 2001)




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